3rd Annual Interprofessional Health Showcase Finalists

Interprofessional Health Showcase Award Winners and Finalists  

Congratulations to all finalists who presented at the Interprofessional Health Showcase! The award winners and links to see finalists are listed below. 
Best in Community Engagement
Food and Supplement Interactions with Medications - What you Need to Know
Authors: Emily Wong (Pharmacy); Yufeng Zhai (Pharmacy); Jessica Chiu (Pharmacy); Mitchell Telles (Pharmacy); Alisen Saenz (Pharmacy); Zane Wofford (Pharmacy); Megan Merriman (Health & Society); Grace Lee (Pharmacy); Coordinated Program in Dietetics Student Group (Nutritional Sciences). Faculty advisor: Grace Lee (Pharmacy). 
Best in Quality Improvement
Interprofessional Education Between Student Pharmacists and Student Dentists in Dental Surgical Settings Improves Collaboration Between Professions
Authors: Victoria Higgins (Pharmacy); Katie Rogers (Pharmacy); Kevin Quidilla (Pharmacy); Bryan Huynh (Pharmacy); Kari Tornes (Pharmacy); Haneen Hussein (Pharmacy); Yasmeen Alqaisi (Pharmacy); Uyen Tran (Pharmacy); Tung Tran (Pharmacy); Joshua Perez (Pharmacy); Justina Lipscomb (Pharmacy); Kirk Evoy (Pharmacy); Tam Van (Dentistry); Rebecca Moote (Pharmacy). Faculty advisor: Rebecca Moote (Pharmacy).   
Best in Research
Demographic Influences on Hospital Presentation Times for Acute Stroke Care 
Authors: Yousuf Ahmed (Medicine); Akhil Surapaneni (Medicine); Matthew Seghers (Medicine); David Paydarfar (Medicine); Josh Chang (Medicine); Emilio Ramos (Medicine). Faculty advisors: Joshua Chang and David Paydarfar (Medicine)  
Best in Literature Review
MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD: A Review of the Recent Literature
Authors: Haley Brenna (Nursing); Amanda Shaw (Nursing); Donna Rolin (Nursing); Logan Adams (Nursing). Faculty advisor: Donna Rolin (Nursing).  
Best Project-in-Progress
The Impact of Interprofessional Telehealth Care: A Comparative Cohort Study of GI Cancer Patients at UTHA Oncology Clinic
Authors: Madison Hansen (Medicine); Rebekkah M. Schear (Livestrong Cancer Institutes), Robin N. Richardson (Livestrong Cancer Institutes), Garrett Bourne (Medicine), Rebecca J. Muñoz (Public Health), Elizabeth Kvale (Medicine), Kristan Schiele (Healthcare Transformation). Faculty advisor: Elizabeth Kvale (Medicine).  
Best Interprofessional Project
Integrating an Alcohol Withdrawal Simulation into Interprofessional Healthcare Education: A Method to Improve the Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal
Authors: Ashley Philipo (Nursing); Philippa Mason (Social Work); Nicole Manley (Nursing); Julia George-Jones (Educational Psychology); Veronica Walker (Nursing); Donna Rolin (Nursing); Mary Mulvaney (Social Work); Scott Hudson (Nursing); Jane Gray (Educational Psychology); Amanda Simonton (Nursing). Faculty advisor: Donna Rolin (Nursing). 
Best in Visual
Bridging Faith, Building Trust, and Supporting Health: Student-Pharmacist Driven CMRs in the African American Church Community
Authors: Faith Goan (Pharmacy); Dieu Uyen Vu (Pharmacy); Emily Ly (Pharmacy); Kathy Nguyen (Pharmacy); Kensei Kim (Pharmacy); Leugim Branvold (Pharmacy); Ashley Garling (Pharmacy); Sharon Rush (Pharmacy). Faculty advisors: Ashley Garling and Sharon Rush (Pharmacy).   

People’s Choice Award Winners: 

1st Place: Illustrations of Electronic Medical Records (EHR) as a HIPAA Compliant Training Tool
Authors: Kanoa Kelly (Natural Sciences); Zuena Karim (Natural Sciences); Adrienne Doyle (Occupational Therapy). Faculty advisor: Nico Osier (Nursing) 
2nd Place: An Interactive Flowchart Guiding Pediatric TBI Severity Classification for Participants with GCS Scores Between 12-15
Authors: Maria Ghaly (Natural Sciences); Anjali Raghavan (Psychology); Tapasvini Paralkar (Nursing): Sawyer Stubbs (Biology): Alejandra Nitsch (Business and Natural Sciences); Carolyn Chen (Medicine): Sofia Shabbir (Medicine); Nico Osier (Nursing). Faculty advisor: Nico Osier. 
3rd Place: Implementation of Educational Modules for Sickle Cell Disease Management in Young Adults
Authors: Emilie Chebat (Pharmacy); Stephanie Nwokedi (Pharmacy); LaNeria Sanders (Pharmacy); Elizabeth Zhu (Pharmacy); Courtney Pham (Pharmacy); Paula Glynn (Nursing); Caitlin McNeil (Medicine); Emily O'Shea (Social Work); Collin Hovinga (Pharmacy). Faculty advisor: Collin Hovinga (Pharmacy). 

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