About the Center

IPE: A Core Component of Health Care Education

The Center for Health Interprofessional Practice and Education brings students, faculty, and practitioners across health professions together to strengthen interprofessional collaborative practice and team-based care. We work across programs, schools, and institutions to advance team-based learning and promote IPE core competencies through courses, simulations, trainings, workshops, events, research, and scholarship. Explore the various ways we can collaborate here


Lead innovative interprofessional education, practice, and scholarship that advances collaborative person-centered care and population health.


Transform health care by preparing leaders at The University of Texas and beyond to advance interprofessional education and collaborative practice and system innovation.


The Center for Health IPE collaborates with a diverse network of professionals who are passionate about promoting collaborative learning and practice.

Center for Health IPE Goals

Goal #1

Establish a sustainable, internationally-recognized IPE center that promotes collaborative leadership, scholarship, and programming in interprofessional education and practice to transform health care delivery.

Goal #2

Cultivate a collaborative health care culture by engaging with campus and community partners to develop innovative curricula, tools and strategies that integrate IPE principles into practice and education.

Goal #3

Develop faculty and practitioners to lead interprofessional education, practice, and scholarship.

Goal #4

Promote student-driven health IPE initiatives that foster interprofessional teamwork and leadership skills.

Goal #5

Prepare a collaborative practice-ready workforce through quality interprofessional curricular and co-curricular programming.

Our Purpose

  • Lead an institutional strategy to advance interprofessional practice and education (IPE) among the health professions programs
  • Educate a health care workforce ready for collaborative practice in the continuum of care
  • Advance campus and community partnerships to foster a collaborative health care culture
  • Promote scholarly innovations in IPE to advance best practices

Our Start

UT launched the Center for Health IPE with approval and start-up funds from the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Prior to this launch, faculty champions spearheaded innovative interprofessional learning opportunities in health programs across campus. These efforts were strengthened by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) program grants and bolstered by Dell Medical School’s presence that emphasized IPE as a part of its vision. The four deans of UT's health professions schools - M. Lynn Crismon, PharmD (College of Pharmacy), Clay Johnston, MD, PhD (Dell Medical School), Alexa Stuifbergen, PhD, RN (School of Nursing), and Luis Zayas, PhD (Steve Hicks School of Social Work) - stressed the need for a central IPE body on campus. They worked collaboratively with faculty champions at each school to see the Center for Health IPE come to fruition. These four health professions schools continue to be strong partners,  with leadership from each school providing oversight and support for its operations and vision.  

Center for Health IPE Annual Report 
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Support Health Care Education and Practice 
More than ever, high-performing interprofessional health care teams are needed to address emergent health issues, chronic diseases, and inequity in health care. The acceleration of IPE in academia is fueled by health system re-design with an emphasis on care that is person-centered and value-based. Team optimization is integral to meet this cultural shift. Training health care providers to work collaboratively requires a consistent and intentional strategy. The Center for Health IPE fills this gap as UT Austin’s central body that is dedicated to breaking down silos and bringing health professions together.
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