Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee consists of academic deans, department chairs, and faculty who provide input on the accreditation and programmatic IPE needs for their respective programs; facilitate implementation of interprofessional learning experiences; and cultivate a supportive environment that encourages IPE innovations among their stakeholders.  

College of Natural Sciences Department of Nutritional Sciences Dietetics Program
Monica Milonovich, MS, RDN, LD, Director, Coordinated Program in Dietetics
College of Pharmacy
Renee’ Acosta, MS, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dell Medical School
Beth Nelson, MD, Interim Vice Dean of Education and Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
Moody College of Communication Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Raj Koul, PhD, CCC-SLP, Department Chair and Professor
School of Nursing
Gayle Timmerman, PhD, RN, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Rebecca Gomez, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 
Sarah Swords, LCSW-S, Assistant Dean for Master's Programs 
Center for Health IPE Executive Steering Committee
Ex-Officio Members
Sarah Sloan, LCSW Assistant Dean for Health Affairs, Steve Hicks School of Social Work
John Luk, MD, Assistant Dean of Interprofessional Integration, Dell Medical School

IPE Curriculum Committee

The IPE Curriculum Committee consists of health professions faculty across UT Austin. The committee's overall charge is to implement an IPE program that is systematically integrated into required curricula and meets the IPE accreditation standards for all health professions programs.  

College of Education Department of Educational Psychology 
Jane Gray, PhD, Assistant Professor of Practice and Director of Clinical Training, Counseling and School Psychology Doctoral Programs
College of Education Department of Kinesiology and Health Education Athletic Training Program 
Kelvin Phan, MS, Clinical Assistant Professor 
College of Natural Sciences Department of Nutritional Sciences Dietetics Program
Drew Hays, MA, RD, Assistant Professor of Instruction 
Ladia Hernandez, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor of Instruction
College of Pharmacy
Lucas Hill, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Morgan Stewart, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dell Medical School
Tania Eid, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Nick Phelps, PhD, Assistant Professor 
Dell Medical School and College of Education
Lloyd Berg, PhD, ABPP, Division Chief of Psychology and Associate Professor, Dell Medical School 
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education
Moody College of Communication Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Corinne Jones, PhD, CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor 
Kelsey Hatton, AuD, Clinical Assistant Professor 
School of Nursing
Alex Garcia, PhD, Assistant Dean and Professor 
Ana Todd, PhD, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs  
Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Joan Asseff, LCSW-S, Clinical Assistant Professor; GRACE Program Co-Director
Sarah Sloan, LCSW, Assistant Dean for Health Affairs

Student Health Interprofessional Practice and Education Committee (SHIPEC) 

SHIPEC is a student-led committee whose mission is to lead interprofessional student forums to advance collaborative learning and scholarship and promote team-based, person-centered health care within the health care and health care-related professions. If you are in a health professions program and would like to learn more about serving on this committee, please send us an email.