Welcome to the Interprofessional Health Showcase Website!

The 6th Annual Interprofessional Health Showcase will be held on April 19, 2024. This event celebrates projects that advance population health and person-centered care, provides a forum for students and residents to present their work, and demonstrates UT Austin's strong community partnerships. 

Schedule for April 19, 2024

Oral Presentations Session 1 [9:00a - 10:00a]: Award Finalists in the Research and Health Innovation Categories

  • Format: virtual synchronous via Zoom
  • Session Moderator: Lucas Hill, PharmD, FCCP

Oral Presentations Session 2 [10:15a - 11:15a]: Award Finalists in the Community Engagement and Quality Improvement 

  • Format: virtual synchronous via Zoom
  • Session Moderator: Sarah Sloan, LCSW-S 

Poster Session [12:00p - 1:30p]

  • Format: in-person at the Texas Union Ballroom
  • Health-related projects will be presented by student and resident authors
  • Meet with authors to learn about their projects
  • VOTE for your favorite poster
  • Opportunity to meet with event sponsors and various health professions schools

Digital Poster Gallery

  • Format: virtual asynchronous
  • Available for viewing 4/19 to 4/24 

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Award Finalists


Information for Authors

Abstracts were due on 2/11/24. They are in the process of being reviewed by a faculty committee. In early March, 1st authors will be notified as to whether their abstract is accepted. If you're interested in reading the instructions for abstract submission, you may do so here

Upcoming Due Dates: 

  • 4/14/24: Digital posters are due by 11:59PM 
  • 4/19/24: Bring printed poster to the Texas Union for the poster session  

Poster Guidelines

If your abstract is accepted, you will create, print, and bring your poster to the in-person poster session at the Texas Union Ballroom on 4/19. You will also upload it to a digital poster gallery. Design your poster using the required dimensions as listed below. Check with your supervising faculty if you have questions about designing and/or printing your poster. 

Required Poster Dimensions
  • Vertical (height): must be 42” (see section on “poster frame” below)
  • Horizontal (width): must not exceed 72”, which means it can be shorter (e.g., 48”, 60”)
  • Your poster will be binder-clipped to a metal frame. See image here
Poster Tips and Content

Poster Tips

  • Create your poster using an app of your choice. Common software/apps that work well for poster development include PowerPoint, Canva, and Google Presentation. 
  • Choose fonts that are easy to read and make sure text is large. Use of san serif fonts is preferred for content. 
  • Use tables, graphs, and images to increase appeal. Avoid too many words. 

Poster Content: Your poster must have the same sections as your abstract. 

  • Project title and all authors
  • Backround
  • Objectives
  • Methods
  • Findings/outcomes/results (Note: use the header that best fits your project) 
  • Conclutions and implications 
  • References, if applicable
  • Acknowledgements, including funding, if applicable 
Naming and Uploading Your Poster
  • Save your poster as a PDF. Use this naming convention: "poster number_last name of 1st author." 
  • Examples: 
    • Q-15_Garcia 
    • C-02_Johnson
  • You will receive your poster number after you are notified of acceptance. 
  • Once you receive your poster number and finish your digital poster, you will upload it to our portal accessible here
Poster Printing Recommendations
  • Check with your faculty advisor about where to check your poster.  
  • On-campus printing options include the PCL and Document Solutions.
Poster Frame
  • Poster frames at UT are metal bars with no backing.
  • Posters will be binder clipped to the frame; therefore, having the correct height ensures your poster can be clipped to the bars at the top and bottom. 
  • Most posters will be hung back-to-back in the frames meaning your poster will be clipped with another poster on the other side. Following poster dimension guidelines is essential. View an image of the poster frame here
  • Please email us to request more info and images of these frames.