Congratulations to the Finalists and Winners

Of the 85 abstracts that were accepted for presentation at the showcase, these projects were scored the highest by an interprofessional committee of abstract reviewers. Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners on submitting excellent projects in these competitive categories. The * indicates an award winner. View all of the winners on this page

Best in Research Winners & Finalists


Best in Research finalists presented their work on 4/14/23 from 10am - 11am via Zoom. An interprofessional committee of judges scored their work to determine the winner. 


R-02 Patients’ Perspectives on Effective Communication in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Settings at Dell Seton Medical Center. Authors: Cissy Cheng (Speech Language Pathology), Lana Schommer (Medicine), Nina Lemieux (Medicine), Mimi LaValley (Speech Language Pathology). Faculty advisors: Marrisa Mery and Raj Koul  


R-09 Associations between Binge Eating Severity and Social Media Usage. Authors: Bo Ra Kim (Nursing) and (Gayle M. Timmerman (Nursing). Faculty advisor: Gayle Timmerman


*R-11 Barriers in Completion of Breast Cancer Screening. Authors: Joo Lee (Medicine) and Leigh Romero (Medicine) Faculty advisor: Leigh Romero


R-12 The Fear of Recovery: The Opioid Withdrawal Experience. Authors: Victoria Pacifico (Nursing) and Cara Young (Nursing). Faculty advisor: Cara Young 


R-14 S.H.A.P.E. in Healthcare (Supporting Helpful Accessible Person-centered Environments in Healthcare), a Pilot Study of Autistic and Non-Autistic Adults. Author: Larissa Minner (Social Work). Faculty advisors: Sandra Vanegas and Jessica Franco


R-16 Prehospital Buprenorphine Administration for Opioid Use Disorder: Bridging the Gap. Authors: Kevin Smith (Medicine), Blake Hardy (EMS), Travis Baker (EMS), Lawrence Brown (Medicine), Sharon Long (Medicine), Jason Pickett (Medicine), Mike Sasser (EMS), and Mark Escott (Medicine) Faculty advisors: Mark Escott and Jason Pickett


R-22 The Influence of Psycho-Emotional Health on Type of Laparoscopic Anti-Reflux Surgery and Quality of Life in GERD Patients. Authors: Katherine Walsh (Medicine), Charles Hill (Medicine), C. Joseph Stautner (Medicine), Wanqiao Wang (Medicine), Stephanie Doggett (PA-C), Elisa Furay (Medicine), and FP Buckley (Medicine). Faculty advisor: FP Buckley  


*R-23 Evaluation of Online Education Materials for Bowel Preparation. Authors: Nirupama Ancha (Medicine), Faraz Jafri (Medicine), Peter Raman (Medicine), Sami Ahmad (Natural Sciences), Sara Gottesman (Medicine), Charles Hyman (Medicine), and Deepak Agrawal (Medicine). Faculty advisor: John Luk 

Best Project in Progress


C-08 Exploring the Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Adolescent Vaping: An Interprofessional Virtual Simulation. Authors: Emily Lowery (Pharmacy), Hannah Everett (Pharmacy), Godson Onyediri (Pharmacy), Derek Garza (Pharmacy), Kevin Nguyen (Phramacy), Zhu Park (Pharmacy), Yiqiu Yan (Education), Alexandra Miller (Pharmacy), and Veronica Young (Pharmacy). Faculty advisor: Veronica Young. 


*C-11: Food & Supplement Interactions with Medications. Authors: Vidal Mendoza (Pharmacy), Ryan Bloesser (Pharmacy), Mikey Bloomfield (Pharmacy), Alexis Whang (Pharmacy), Nathalie Nguyen (Pharmacy), Tim Phan (Pharmacy), Chelsea Carriker (Public Health) , and Julia Garza (Pharmacy). Faculty advisors: Grace Lee and Kelly Reveles


H-08 Creating a Continuation of Care Clinic in Rural Myanmar: Developing Treatment Programs for Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes. Authors: Serra Holthaus (Pharmacy), Princess Onyeugo (Pharmacy), Zaynab Omisade (Pharmacy), Yasmine El-Sharif (Pharmacy), Julia Garza (Pharmacy), Joseph Brewster (Pharmacy), and Holli Temple (Pharmacy). Faculty advisor: 

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Award Winners

Best in Community Engagement & Best in Health Innovation Finalists


Finalists for Best in Community Engagement & Best in Health Innovation will presented their work on 4/14/23 from 11:15am - 12:15pm via Zoom. An interprofessional committee of judges scored their work to determine the winners. 


Best in Community Engagement Finalists 

C-04 Austin City Limits: Household Disruption and Social Determinants Among Families Living in the Eastern Crescent. Authors: Christian Corral (Kinesiology & Health Education), Sheri Burson (Kinesiology & Health Education), Daniel Perez (Nursing), and Darla Castelli (Kinesiology & Health Education). Faculty advisor: Darla Castelli 


C-15 Assessment of Access and Barriers to Chronic Pain Management in Persons with a History of Homelessness. Authors: Destinee Peña (Pharmacy), Andrew Diaz (Pharmacy), Abby Barnett (Pharmacy), Jessica Hu (Pharmacy), Jacob Vera (Pharmacy), Curk McFall (Nursing), and Terry Weaver (Pharmacy). Faculty advisor: Terry Weaver. 


*C-18 Assessment of Barriers to Naloxone Dispensing in an Academic Medical Center Emergency Department. Authors: Colton García (Pharmacy), Misael Ambriz (Pharmacy), Pamela Hernandez (Pharmacy), Jennifer Le (Pharmacy), Karen Zhong (Pharmacy), David Vu (Pharmacy), and Brian Wenger (Pharmacy), and Kristin Janzen (Pharmacy). Faculty advisors: Kristin Janzen and Brian Wenger.   


Best in Health Innovation Finalists 

*H-04 Food-Drug Interactions and Diabetes: Evaluating the Use of an Interprofessional Workshop to Optimize Patient-Centered Care. Authors: Ocean Miller (Pharmacy), Ifeoma Okonkwo (Pharmacy), Sarah Patrick (Pharmacy), Cammilika Calibo (Pharmacy), Merrin Manalel (Pharmacy), Monica Milonovich (Nutrition / Dietetics), and Renee' Acosta (Pharmacy). Faculty advisor: Renee' Acosta. 


H-10 Assessing Patient and Caregiver Feedback on an Individualized Action Plan Tool in the Management of a Sickle Cell Pain Crisis. Authors: Sydney Hunt (Pharmacy), Alexyss Huerta (Pharmacy), Vraj Patel (Pharmacy), Vivian Peng (Pharmacy), Grace Ukazim (Pharmacy), and Collin Hovinga (Pharmacy). Faculty advisor: Collin Hovinga 


H-11 Developing an Innovative Interprofessional Addiction Medicine Elective Experience. Authors: Eugene Keener (Medicine), Victoria Cooremans (Medicine), James Hubley (Medicine), Monica Kundra (Medicine), Matthew Hunt (Nursing), Elizabeth Hamburg (Social Work), Alanna Boulton (Public Health), Mike Sasser (EMS), and John Weems (Medicine). Faculty advisor: John Weems. 


H-13 An Evaluation of Outcomes, Diagnostic Concordance and Quality of Life for Patients of a Teledermatology Pilot Service at a Student-Run Clinic. Authors: Hannah Rashden (Medicine), Georgia Williams (Medicine), Alma Rosa Rivera (Medicine), Attilie Carrig (Medicine), and Danny Bamrick-Fernandez (Medicine). Faculty advisor: Danya Diven