Best in Research (TIE)

R-11 Barriers in Completion of Breast Cancer Screening. Authors: Joo Lee and Leigh Romero. Profession: Medicine. Faculty advisor: Leigh Romero


R-23 Evaluation of Online Education Materials for Bowel Preparation. Authors: Nirupama Ancha, Faraz Jafri, Peter Raman, Sami Ahmad, Sara Gottesman, Charles Hyman, and Deepak Agrawal. Professions: Medicine and Natural Sciences. Faculty advisor: John Luk 

Best in Community Engagement

C-18 Assessment of Barriers to Naloxone Dispensing in an Academic Medical Center Emergency Department. Authors: Colton García, Misael Ambriz, Pamela Hernandez, Jennifer Le, Karen Zhong, David Vu, Brian Wenger, and Kristin Janzen. Profession: Pharmacy. Faculty advisors: Kristin Janzen and Brian Wenger 

Best in Health Innovation

H-04 Food-Drug Interactions and Diabetes: Evaluating the Use of an Interprofessional Workshop to Optimize Patient-Centered Care. Authors: Ocean Miller, Ifeoma Okonkwo, Sarah Patrick, Cammilika Calibo, Merrin Manalel, Monica Milonovich, and Renee' Acosta. Professions: Pharmacy and Nutrition/Dietetics. Faculty advisor: Renee' Acosta. 

Best IPE Project

H-11 Developing an Innovative Interprofessional Addiction Medicine Elective Experience. Authors: Eugene Keener, Victoria Cooremans, James Hubley, Monica Kundra, Matthew Hunt, Elizabeth Hamburg, Alanna Boulton, Mike Sasser, and John Weems. Professions: Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Public Health, Emergency Medical Service. Faculty advisor: John Weems. Collaborating Partners: CommUnityCare Health Centers; Austin Travis County EMS


Best Project in Progress

C-11: Food & Supplement Interactions with Medications. Authors: Vidal Mendoza, Ryan Bloesser, Mikey Bloomfield, Alexis Whang, Nathalie Nguyen, Tim Phan, Chelsea Carriker, and Julia Garza. Professions: Pharmacy and Public Health. Faculty advisors: Grace Lee and Kelly Reveles

Best in Visual

R-10 Assessing Wound Care Knowledge/Practices Among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) at Mobile Syringe Services Program (SSP) in Austin, TX. Authors: Berkin Kutluk, Hannah McCullough, Amber Tran, Dalaina Dreymala, Eric Lumanog, Leah Nealis, Lucas Hill, Lindsey Loera, and Claire Zagorski. Faculty advisors: Lucas Hill and Lindsey Loera. Professions: Pharmacy and Emergency Medical Services. Collaborating Partner: Vivent Health LifePoint. 

People's Choice Award Winners

1st place: 

R-14 S.H.A.P.E. in Healthcare (Supporting Helpful Accessible Person-centered Environments in Healthcare), a Pilot Study of Autistic and Non-autistic Adults. Author: Larissa Minner.  Profession: Social Work. Faculty advisors: Sandra Vanegas, Jessica Franco. 

2nd place: 

C-07 Sincerely Cultivating Health Opportunities, Leadership, and Academic Readiness (S.C.H.O.L.A.R). Authors: Javier Granados, Michelle Hoang, Justin Ashburn, Emily Burns, Tiffany Do, Weston Esplin, Ashley Castleberry. Profession: Pharmacy. Advisor: Ashley Castleberry. Collaborating Partners: IDEA Public Schools; IDEA Health Professions. 

3rd place (TIE): 

H-09 Almond-Oat Cookie Recipe Manipulated to Fit Dietary Needs of Pregnant Individuals. Authors: Zaina Ghaffar, Saneeva George. Profession: Nutrition / Dietetics (College of Natural Sciences). Advisor: Drew Hays. 

LR-01 Does Race Matter: Exploring the Use of Restraints in Psychiatric Emergency Situations. Authors: Olubukayo Akinyemi, Shana Alexander. Profession: Nursing. Advisor: Donna Rolin. 

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