What is Health IPE?

The Center for Health IPE aligns with the World Health Organization's (WHO's) and Interprofessional Education Collaborative's (IPEC's) definitions pertaining to collaborative education, practice, and team-based care: 

Interprofessional Education

When students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes (WHO, 2010, p. 7).

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

When multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds work together with patients, families, carers [sic], and communities to deliver the highest quality of care across settings (WHO, 2010, p.13).

Interprofessional Team-Based Care

Care delivered by intentionally created, usually relatively small work groups [consisting of different professions] in health care who are recognized by others as well as by themselves as having a collective identity and shared responsibility for a patient or group of patients (e.g., rapid response team, palliative care team, primary care team, operating room team). (IPEC, 2011, 2016, p.8)

Expanding upon these definitions, the Center for Health IPE promotes activities, programs, and experiences that meet at least one IPEC core competency and foster interaction among learners.